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All about the lifestyle of the man who created history with his style

The tacit love for this suave agent’s character goes up a notch when, bits and pieces of his magnanimous lifestyle defines how class and price hit the sky!

With Daniel Craig flashing his blue and navy La Perla GrigioPerla trunks in Casino Royale, a million women would have force their husbands into buying them! Even a simple black tie, a safari outfit or, even a white linen suit is elevated when James Bond wears them. Like, the cashmere polo neck that Pierce Brosnan wore in Die Another Day, ensured selling of cashmere polo necks as hot cakes!

Even the simple looking Sandown hat attained a cult status after Sean Connery added dollops of charm to it by wearing it in Dr. No and Gold Finger. Everything that Bond touched underwent transformation.

And now, the sly spy having returned in the s2015 movie – Spectre, chooses to own Xperia Z5 smartphone and an, OMEGA Seamaster 300 watch that has an inbuilt laser cutter, a micro filament cable and, an inbuilt remote detonator. He wears a black Crockett and Jones Camberley boots and, drives an Aston Martin DB 10. He also skies seamlessly in the Austrian Alps – the perks in his profession! The style quotient of this man is unmatched and, surely makes this debonair agent’s life a dream to live!


However, to live a lifestyle of Bond would mean, you either must be blessed with ‘the Midas touch’ or, must own ‘the goose that lays the golden eggs’! As for James Bond, he is either filthy rich or, he continues to play the Samaritan spy because he is neck deep in debts for his extravagant lifestyle! Either way, he is living a dream! Find out more at from the site